The process to apply for an open job position with Spy is two steps:


  1. complete and send the contact information form below.
  2. e-mail us your resume either as a Microsoft® Word® document attachment, or as HTML, rich text, or plain text format embedded directly in your e-mail message.


Both of these steps follow.


step 1

Please provide the following contact information:


first name
last name
street/po box
 street (cont.)
postal code
work phone
home Phone


Please enter the job position ID and name in the space provided below.


position ID
position name


step 2

Please e-mail your resume as a Microsoft Word document attachment, or include your resume as text embedded in the email message. Please copy and paste or enter "Resume for Spy Job Application, Position ID " followed by the Position ID in the subject line of your e-mail message.  Click here to prepare your e-mail message for this when you are ready.



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