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The World's First
Results Management System

Get a full overview of how your business is doing with a system that is designed to help you focus on the things that produce and guarantee breakthrough results.

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Run your business like never before with the world’s first Results Management System.
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Effective Meetings

The most efficient and effective way to keep track of your internal meetings.
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ATP Task Manager

A great free tool to plan, keep track of and manage your tasks and projects.
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Results speak for themselves.


Rune Grimstad

“I have worked with Haavard and Futureworks within two divisions of Evry, a company with more than 9000 employees. Both times we have created results beyond what we thought possible.



John Vellinga

“I have looked for ages to even find a system like this, and I’m confident that we’ll be measuring our success as before and after Futureworks.



Anders Eklund

“I now have the tools and the system to really help my clients in a powerful way, thanks to Haaavrd.”


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Haavard Helmen
Futureworks CEO

Haavard Helmen is all about results. His understanding of leadership, business execution, peak performance and human change psychology makes him a valuable asset for any company or individual that wants to create new extraordinary results. He has for almost 3 decades studied most of today’s profiles in the personal development industry, with a recent focus on the understanding of neuroscience in the context of organizational and cultural change.

Many of his clients has experienced an increase of 200-300% in both revenue and profit growth. He has personally coached more than 1000 people in his career, including everything from top executives in some of Scandinavia's largest companies to small, medium size companies and personal engagements.

Haavard Helmen is a former CEO of several companies whereof one later got listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange. He is a speaker, serial entrepreneur, CEO of 2 companies and for the last 9 years been working as an Executive Corporate Coach for more than 40 companies over an extended period of time. He has a track record of proven results and specializes in leadership, business execution, sales and behavior change psychology.

He comes highly recommended from his clients and associates.


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