The OKR Results Process.

Let us challenge you to envision a new powerful & worthy future for your company that exceeds what you think is possible today.
If you can do that, we will make it happen – no excuse, only result
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A new culture creates a new future

Most organizations are defined by their own habits, limiting beliefs, attitudes and reactions formed by their experiences within their environment over time.

These organizations have a tendency to get stuck in their own past, reacting and acting in the same habitual ways that they’ve always done. This tends to create a stressful working environment where people feel that they never really get on top of things – and hence become inefficient and less motivated.

Where people live in stressful working environments there are no room for growth, and hence very poor conditions to thrive.  
Stepping up to a new Vision of the future and new inspiring possibilities is what allows successful organizations and companies to reach for their goals, dreams and aspirations, whatever their conditions are.

The need for change
The ability to consciously create change in our personal and organizational performance is one of the absolutely most precious and valuable outcomes for any organization.

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Need for change

All change starts with personal awareness, and the new science within practical psychology and neuroscience tells us that we are changed by every thought and feeling we encounter.  We react according to how the world shows up for us, and it is through our perception we define our personal realities, which is all about our thoughts, actions and emotions.

For the organization, this is directly correlated to results. Only through a change in the way "the world" shows up for us and consequently a change in our thoughts, emotions, behaviors and actions, will the organization be able to create new results and a new future.

Our promise

The new understanding of neuro science, organizational biology and methods to create change in personal and organizational performance, together with the OKR corporate conscious program, will give you and your organization every tool, method, structure, skill and proven system you need to transform your organization and results to anything you want, consciously.  No excuses – Only results!

We know that one of the most difficult tasks for any organization is to produce change while the organization is still functioning, so our promise is to provide and implement the tools, methods and proven systems in a day to day business so that you don’t loose any momentum, and can continue to create and excel your level of performance towards your goals and dreams from day one.

The foundation
We bring forth leadership, management execution and organizational transformation in a way that will propel any business to whole new levels of achievement and success.
We will give you:

A common understanding and application of practical psychology, neuroscience principles, tools and methods as a foundation for creating a new culture for extraordinary results

Strategy and tools for mastering thoughts, emotions and behaviors to match the needed state of being to create new results

A one day Design & Possibility Workshop that brings you all up to speed on OKR`s, the methodology, background, way of working, Leadership and management execution practices for high impact results

Weekly OKR achievement meetings for directing focus, achieving goals, specific action for deviation, coaching, best practice and alignment towards the new designed future

Clear defined goals that everyone in the organization is inspired by - and committed to!

Creating an insight and understanding that when people are not reaching their goals on some level, they have gone unconscious. Incorporating the conscious awareness and tools for showing them how to stay conscious is a key part in the foundation for continuous results  

Individual achievement- and assessment plans for personal development and continuous growth

Monthly and quarterly meeting structure with reports on OKR`s with direct feedback to ensure continuous growth and development

An ease to use powerful OKR Platform for Leadership and Execution on the things that matters the most

Proven results

We help companies bridge the gap between their objectives and reality by following our proven methodology.

Tore Kristoffersen

CEO, Hello AS



90 to 130 mnok



7 to 21 mnok



Agnes Beathe Steen Fosse

CEO, Standard Online AS



85 to 104 mnok



1 to 4.5 mnok



Harald Tellmann

CEO, Tellmann AS



17 to 29 mnok



-0.6 to 2.5 mnok



Per Kristian Nauste

Vice President, VeriFone



126 to 152 mnok



6.5 to 16.6 mnok



What people are saying

"We realized that the skills we were learning would not only help us in business but also in our personal lives."
"This program is the first I have taken that has focused on human behavior, and I now know that I have to take full responsibility of all my actions and situations. We had basically given up and were more and more blaming everything but the one area we could control, ourselves."
"Our organization is now more energized and focused than I have ever experienced, and I have been in the business for 20 years!"
"By far the most inspiring and result oriented program I have ever attended."
"A breakthrough for getting "out of the box". Powerful and inspiring with loads of AHA moments & experiences."

What you will get

The complete understanding and application of the OKR methodology

A structured and common way of working based on yearly, quarterly Design and weekly Check In meetings that will ensure results far beyond today’s achievements

Clear defined OKR´s with specific action plans for everyone

A systemized way of changing individuals one by one in order to change, develop and create a culture for continuous growth and performance

An organization of involved, enrolled, engaged and responsible players

A model for excellence in leadership and management execution that has everything to do with clear goals, purpose, alignment, integrity, clarity, accountability and competence

A higher level of internal communication across the whole organization because people are consciously making the choice of no longer living in the habitual states of mind and body

A leadership & management team ensuring breakthrough OKR goals, Key Results, actions and continuous growth

Proven workable tools and principles from the neuroscience of change and human behavior that have been researched and used for several years within many organizations

The ability to consciously create your future from the blueprint in your mind

A responsible and thriving organization living and executing from the inside out, not governed by events, circumstances an incidents

A web based portal with an outlined structure for incorporating time based OKR goals and weekly initiatives, actions, follow ups and direct feed back on deviations for new actions

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The program

The first step in the Corporate Consciousness Program is to uncover unconscious patterns, established "truths", paradigms and inefficient working methods that currently limit or hinder the ability to generate new extraordinary results in the organization.

It also includes meeting observations, understanding of performance level, culture, sales, information flow, key factors, level of leadership, and ability to execute.

The second step is to conduct the OKR Design Workshop where specific Objectives, Key Results and result-driven actions, tasks and projects (ATP’s) are explained, taught and formulated.

The performance work, which is the second part of the program, then establishes the OKR result-oriented working method using Futureworks OKR Result Management Platform (RMP).

This platform strengthens the leadership and organization's ability to quickly achieve progress towards Objectives and Key Results. The weekly result Check-In Meetings with adaptable coaching increases the individual's ability and skills to clarify, be responsible for, and drive the issues and tasks that matters the most.

Futureworks powerful breakthrough technology accelerates the organization's ability to achieve extraordinary results in a short time.

Develop and anchor common OKR understanding with breakthrough opportunities and clear goals for the entire organization that inspires the best in each individual and ensures that the correct behavior and attitude are in accordance with company vision, mission, values and culture

Ensure the priority and implementation of the most important tasks, both strategic and operational, vs. what emerges and requires attention in everyday life. Don’t major in minor things!

Establish OKR weekly Check In Meetings as a method for concrete performance monitoring, coaching, support and personal development

Strengthen leadership, structure and accountability of managers and employees

Break down overall goals at sub-levels so that everyone takes a position on their own responsibility, expectations, activity and implementation

Ensure a greater exchange in the organization through increased communication, information, collaboration, value creation, focus, priorities and level of implementation.

The goal of the program is to establish a result-oriented working method based on the OKR methodology and to strengthen the management and employees' ability to quickly achieve results according to the defined OKR`s.

This is achieved by directly increasing the individual's understanding, ability and skills to clarify and conduct important issues and levels of critical activities.

The program directly contributes to achieving breakthrough goals by increasing the employee’s abilities to create results. Managers and key personnel have a critical role in the further performance work and receive start-up and special training in the actual method as well as preparation and coaching ahead of the performance work.

Long-term follow-up and knowledge transfer ensures that the process adheres and that the structured performance work gets a solid foundation in the organization, which ensures results over time. When the project is completed, managers and staff continue the process of progress on their own.

The work we love

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Pricing Options

Let us challenge you to envision a new powerful & worthy future for your company that exceeds what you think is possible today.
If you can do that, we will make it happen – no excuse, only result
OKR - Design workshop
$ 3500

If you are new to the OKR - methodology this is the perfect workshop for you to fully integrate the concept, idea, OKR model and way of working.
Learn how to take advantage of this powerful methodology.

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Best Choice
okr - design workshop
& leadership coaching
$ 8000

This includes the OKR - Design Workshop, the Neuroscience Leadership Workshop and Executive Leadership Coaching for a 6 month period. This will give you and the organization the full understanding of the OKR methodology, empower the organization and increase your leadership & execution skills.

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OKR - corporate
Result process
$ +35.000

This is a 6 month fully integrated result process where we will work with you
in your business at your location. This powerful result process will give you
and your organization every tool, method, structure, coaching capability and skill you need to transform your organization to results beyond any previous achievements - Guaranteed!

We have helped hundreds of companies to achieving Breakthrough Results through this process. And we guarantee that we can help you do the same!

No excuses - only results!

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"The results has been great"

"We introduced Futureworks in both our sales and management group. The results has been outstanding. Sales has improved both skills, accountability and hitrate through the principles and follow up system. The Management group became much more accountable for their tasks. Less discussions and more decisions made us also way more productive."

Jan Eivind Aamodt

CEO Optimal Norge

"We have created results beyond what we thought possible.”

“I have worked with Futureworks within three divisions of Evry, a company with more than 9000 employees. All three times we have created results beyond what we thought possible.”

Rune Kilstad

Senior Vice Presiden, Evry AS

"It’s that transformative and that powerful.”

"What makes Futureworks so unique is that all the transformational work you do with your team is now put permanently in place and edged in stone with a very intuitive system that you can use to manage you business and keep everyone focused on the breakthrough goals you have developed during the days you have been working on these goals, it’s exceptional in that way and very unique.
I’m prettier certain that we will measure our time before Futureworks and after Futureworks. We will look back and say “I can’t believe that we ever functioned without Futureworks. It’s that transformative and that powerful."

John Vellinga

CEO Zirkova

"I will strongly recommend this for any organization”

"The Futureworks software is by company culture valued and respected. It has made a great impact on our results of internal meetings with high focus on action to reach targets. We became focused, result oriented, accountable, structured and to the point in our discussions. It is very important for us to ensure that everyone leaves an internal meeting knowing what is expected of them to reach our targets, both short and long term.
I will strongly recommend this for any organization who wants to try another way to increase efficiency, focus and team alignment."

Kim Rune Lind

Security Manager at Schneider Electronic
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