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To reach goals should not be hard. With Futureworks you can simply set your goals, define everything that needs to be done, track your progress, analyze and improve.
the new way of leadership

OKR's is the new way of reaching goals

OKR's is a new upcoming trend, used by companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook, Spotify etc. It is a simple tool to create alignment and engagement for measurable goals. And we have built a software to make it even easier for you to reach your objectives.

Define the main objective your business will reach.
Key Result
What are the Key Results in order to achieve the objective
Make sure you take action on the right initiatives
Good news

Start you meetings on a High Note

The system is intuitive, easy to use and increases company focus, accountability, progress, information and results.

Key Performance indicators

Measure your success with KPI's

With our unique KPI Measurement System you’ll get a fully informed overview of where you stand in relation to your goals with just a quick glance.

items & decisions

The 3 problem solving questions

Set a fixed agenda for your internal meetings and store your discussions or approaches to your challenges or possibilities.
Create a clear plan for how to deal with those challenges and turn your possibilities into decisions.

actions, tasks & projects

Improve you Accountability

Secure accountability by assigning appropriate responsibilities for any given task, action or project.
Notification through email when tasks are due to ensure that you never miss a deadline again.


Design gorgeous websites that get instant results

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