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We offer a simple fair pricing with no hidden fees or startup costs.
Contacts us for a enterprise pricing plan (Companies with 50+ employees)
OKR Basic
$ 8

(69,- nok)

Per user, per month
Billed Annually.

  • Objectives
    goal setting
  • Key Results
  • Initiatives
  • Risk
  • Department
$ 12

(99,- nok)

Per user, per month
Billed Annually.

  • Everything
    from OKR's Basic +
  • KPI's
    Key performance indicators
  • ATP's
    Actions, Tasks & Projects
  • I&D
    Items & Decisions
  • Individual
    Weekly goals
LEadership Professional
$ 15

(129,- nok)

Per user, per month
Billed Annually.

  • Everything
    from OKR extended +
  • Analyze
  • Reports
    on progress
  • Analyze
    per extra user
  • Resource
    center for improvement

The minimal annual contract value is 8280,- Nok

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Let us challenge you to envision a new powerful & worthy future for your company that exceeds what you think is possible today.
If you can do that, we will make it happen – no excuse, only result
OKR - Design workshop
$ 3500

If you are new to the OKR - methodology this is the perfect workshop for you to fully integrate the concept, idea, OKR model and way of working.
Learn how to take advantage of this powerful methodology.

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Best Choice
okr - design workshop
& leadership coaching
$ 8000

This includes the OKR - Design Workshop, the Neuroscience Leadership Workshop and Executive Leadership Coaching for a 6 month period. This will give you and the organization the full understanding of the OKR methodology, empower the organization and increase your leadership & execution skills.

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OKR - corporate
Result process
$ +35.000

This is a 6 month fully integrated result program where we will work with you
in your business at your location. This powerful result process will give you
and your organization every tool, method, structure, coaching capability and skill you need to transform your organization to results beyond any previous achievements - Guaranteed!

We have helped hundreds of companies achieving Breakthrough Results through this process. And we guarantee that we can help you do the same!

No excuses - only results!

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"The results has been great"

"We introduced Futureworks in both our sales and management group. The results has been great. Sales has improved both skills, accountability and hitrate through the principles and follow up system. The Management group became much more accountable for their tasks. Less discussions and more decisions made us also way more productive."

Jan Eivind Aamodt

CEO Optimal Norge

"We have created results beyond what we thought possible.”

“I have worked with Futureworks within three divisions of Evry, a company with more than 9000 employees. All three times we have created results beyond what we thought possible.”

Rune Kilstad

Senior Vice President, Evry AS

"It’s that transformative and that powerful.”

"What makes Futureworks so unique is that all the transformational work you do with your team is now put permanently in place and edged in stone with a very intuitive system that you can use to manage you business and keep everyone focused on the breakthrough goals you have developed during the days you have been working on these goals, it’s exceptional in that way and very unique.
I’m prettier certain that we will measure our time before Futureworks and after Futureworks. We will look back and say “I can’t believe that we ever functioned without Futureworks. It’s that transformative and that powerful."

John Vellinga

CEO Zirkova

"It’s that transformative and that powerful.”

"The Futureworks software is by company culture valued and respected. It has made a great impact on our results of internal meetings with high focus on action to reach targets.We became more focused, result oriented, accountable, structured and to the point in our discussions. It is very important for us to ensure that everyone leaves a internal meeting knowing what is expected of them to reach our targets, both short and long term.I will strongly recommend this for any organization who wants to try another way to increase efficiency, focus and team alignment."

Kim Rune Lind

Security Manager at Schneider Electronic
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We offer coaching so that we can provide you with the best experience using OKR's. If you have any questions, please contact us

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Do you want more or less coaching than stated above? Send your inquiries now and we will tailor a coaching program for you business

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